If you’ve ever had your house burgled you know that thieves tear apart every aspect of your home:

  • remove books from bookcases
  • turn over furniture, tear into couch cushions
  • look inside and under mattresses
  • knock clocks, mirrors, and artwork off the wall
  • pull all of the clothes out of your drawers

If you’ve seen pictures of hiding places online, they’ve seen it too.

So, in order to protect yourself from robbery you must stay a step ahead of them by storing your most precious belongings in novel places that never crossed their mind.

That’s where we come in.

With a staff engineer and a library of innovative hiding places, we can secure whatever you need to hide.

Each custom solution comes with installation instructions & parts, or can ship fully assembled depending on your needs and budget.

These images were found on Google and do not represent the work of Hide Your Valuables. The photos are for demonstration purposes of the type of work that we do, but of course, our work is not openly shared on the web- to protect the secrecy of your belongings.

Start today by entering your email below. We’ll send over an NDA agreement (to protect the specifics of our designs, and the secrecy of your possessions) and go from there.